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TealBoard provides members with

virtually accessible resources and simplified sustainability solutions for a holistic approach to socially and environmentally responsible business.



We see businesses evolve into forces for positive social and environmental change in all the communities in which they operate, thereby creating a more sustainable world.


Paula brings her vision, extensive knowledge of ESG and more than 20 years of working experience to her clients, leading them through sustainability strategy and solutions that result in risk-reduction and maximized value creation.

Paula’s expertise is at the crux of sustainability, globalization, innovation, and impact investment. She is also extremely talented at facilitating stakeholder conversations and training executives, boards, and teams in a vast array sustainability matters. 

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Paula Ivey, Founder and Former CEO

With over 20 years in her field, Louise has honed an approach that enables cross-business and functional engagement in ESG strategy and performance, ensuring alignment with external reporting standards and recommendations.


Louise has experience in key ESG reporting initiatives such as the U.N. Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals, S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Global Reporting Initiative and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

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Louise Raymond, Co-Founder

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